Bisexuality Explained

As a bisexual woman, I hear a lot of “you’re just confused”, “you’re being greedy”, or my personal favorite “make up your mind”.  So I have been thinking of a way to explain it that everybody can understand.  Here is what I have come up with.

Say you are eating a piece of chocolate cake.  And this is the most delicious damn chocolate cake you have ever had.  Like you really really love that cake.

chocolate cakemale symbol

But you know, you have had pie in the past.  You really enjoyed that pie too.  Sometimes, because you’re human, even though you really are content with your cake, you look at pie and think “Damn, that pie looks pretty good”.

piefemale symbol

And because you don’t like to limit yourself on what type of dessert to have, sometimes you look at ice cream and think that looks pretty good too.

ice creamtransgender symbol

Now, does all of this mean that a person is confused, greedy or can’t make their mind up?  No, I think it is just that they appreciate all the variety of dessert there is out there. All of them are equally delicious in my opinion!


12 thoughts on “Bisexuality Explained

  1. I admit, I used to be one of those detractors that said there was no such thing as bisexuality; but the sad reality, is that I was trying extremely hard to hide my own. Now that I’ve come to terms with it, I can certainly vouche for the fact that there is no “choosing” our attractions…they just are what they are.

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